Who we are

Tech Osiris is an Indian Webdesigning Team which was established in the year 2011. We specialize in Custom Website Designing, Website Development, Web Design, Website Maintainence Website Redesigning and Logo Designing.


To Help Companies improve & enhance and achieve success with creative and Unique designs which meets the customer satisfaction.


To become a professional Web developing company in India which will be invincible in providing quality Web designs in the competitive global market place.


We inculcate in our team professional ethics & moral Values.We uphold the principles of honesty, reliability & integrity. Though we are not professionals but our work and our Standards are of professionals.

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Our Projects


Website Designing

TechOsiris assists industries, business group or firm to have a website of their own. With our years of smoothness in web space outlining and hosting we are able to furnish you the most key features required for your business.

Website Maintainence

All web sites need to be maintained regularly in order to keep them up to date and look better. Some sites need daily and heavy updates while others hardly need any maintenance .Website maintenance includes reexamining, altering, or modifying existing site pages to maintain your online presence.

Logo Designing

Our custom company logo designs are one-of-a-kind and are not limited to any particular use. Our Logo Artists have designed logos for a wide variety of functions. We provide a high quality custom logo designs that will assist you in creating a big impression to your Customers.

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